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Type has Spirit

Type has Spirit is a curated exhibit designed for the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. "Words have meaning, type has spirit." This quote by Paula Scher inspired the theme of this exhibition, which is driven by typography. Simultaneously, Scher’s works show her great love and enthusiasm for typography and exemplify this quote. Whether during New Wave, or contemporary art, as a timeless and classical visual language, font visually externalizes artists' identities and characteristics.


The exhibition features a range of artwork with a couple of artists: Jean Michel Basquiat, Katsuhiko Shibuya, Wolfgang Weingart, Cy Twombly and Emil Ruder to deeply communicate the significance of typography with diverse design approaches. Emotionally Speaking, this exhibition paid tribute to one of my graphic design idols—Paula Scher and showed my obsession with typography from these masterpieces.

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