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tsāng shān

In endless time, nostalgia is one of the most words that can deeply touch the heart of human beings. We live in an era of cultural inheritance while going beyond the old ideas and innovating.


Throwing back at those memories that were scattered in the city, it feels like touching the annual rings of our hometown.

Those old houses in Tsang Shan, like a time machine, drop me to the old days. In this city, people, stories, sentiments, and time are intertwined, woven into a piece of clothing that is worn on the people, and then people will have a warm home. When this clothing is worn on our sentiments, all the sentiments are going to arrive at a safe harbor calmly. While the story wears this clothing, it will become a rich and exciting history. Once the city has this piece of clothing, it will be alive along with its own internal organs and veins; Time will have past and future when it wears this clothing. 


The mission of this multi-folded brochure is to record while sharing the stories of the place where I grew up and hope these stories can resonate emotionally with whoever is reading it. By unfolding stories and creating resonance, whatever the paintings or the words, all the memories are turning into postcards, enabling the audience to share it with the beloved ones afar off.

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