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The Influx of Indie Rock

The Influx of Indie Rock is an artistic style of data visualization that is filled with my passion. As an indispensable part of my life and most others’, music has penetrated my emotions, imagination, and memory. Music creates ambiance. It adds to the experience of whatever you’re doing. I’ve been thinking about how beautiful life would’ve been if it had background music on in reality. To talk about music broadly, it is a universal language to join people together. We don’t even need words to understand what music is saying. All differences can be assimilated through rhythm. Indie rock is a contemporary genre that has its roots in punk’s institutional and aesthetic challenge to the popular music industry. I was fascinated by the British subculture and music all the time. To me, indie rock is a combination of rock music and culture, an attitude distinctively apart from the mainstream. 

The project categorizes an array of sub-genres spawned by indie rock, aiming to delineate the diversity of indie rock for “indie heads” and dig into its essential qualities and characteristics. 

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