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Gender inequality, misogyny, and patriarchy generated a gender ideology rooted in ancient East Asian history, society and culture against East Asian women. Worse still, along with the reactions to Chinese immigration into the United States, the overlapping oppression of gender inequality, patriarchy, and misogyny interlaced with racial discrimination against East Asian women are rooted in U.S. history. Due to the imposed stigma and portrayals of East Asian women, the government actions and mainstream media blatantly reinforce and transform this stereotype, xenophobia, and racism into a specific racial and sexual discrimination against this ethnic minority of women of color. The COVID-19 pandemic, as a catalyst, further immensely exacerbates the sentiment of Asian hate across this country. The multilayered discrimination and oppression have taken a toll on East Asian women’s somatic and mental health. 

The Impress Website provides insightful resources: a handpicked selection of books, quotes, articles, and videos of Ted Talks, and more. It also acts as an archive, with a plethora of information about healing in one place. While positively impacting the users' mental health, the Impress Website also collects current information about Asian womens non-profits organizations/associations in the United States, as well as relevant upcoming events where users can meet and unite, celebrate the inclusive culture while supporting local charities. Via this accessible platform, more East Asian women can feel like part of an active community, learn about issues affecting East Asian women and effectively boost their moods or reach out for help.

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