Tsang Shan

In the endless time, nostalgia is one of the most word that can touch the heart of human beings. What we are in, is an era of “culture and inheritance”, “go beyond the old ideas and innovating”. Throwing back at those memories scattered in the city, it is touching the annual rings of our hometown.


Those old houses in Tsang Shan, just like the time machine. In this city, people, feelings, stories, and time are intertwined, woven into a piece of clothing, worn on the people, people have a warm home; Worn on the feeling, feeling has a safe home; worn on the story, the story becomes a heavy and interesting history; worn on the city, the city has its own internal organs; worn on time, time has its past, now and future. As long as the old house was blasted and dismantled in a flash, our feelings, stories, and even time were gone, everything would become a thing of the past.